Tokio Marine and ELITeXPO have custom designed an All-Risk Cargo Insurance Program to provide the most protection possible, specifically for the trade show exhibitor.

ELITeXPO will always do everything within our power to make sure that your shipments move without damage. However, due to the nature of the trade show industry, there are circumstances that are outside of our ability to control.

When you purchase All-Risk Cargo Insurance, you know that the broadest form of coverage will be in place. The cost of replacing a booth can exceed the yearly tradeshow budget for many companies. Purchasing insurance protects your investment and brings peace of mind. If insurance is purchased on both the shipments into and out of a tradeshow, coverage even extends to showsite.

We strongly encourage you to protect your investment, whether through ELITeXPO's All-Risk coverage or through your own insurance carrier.

All-Risk Plasma Monitor Coverage is also available.


Plasma Monitors must be insured under a separate policy declaration from the rest of the booth.

Each plasma monitor must be packaged in a professional ATA certified hardshell shipping case designed specifically for that monitor. If not packaged as such, coverage is void.


The ELITeXPO All-Risk Cargo Policy is designed to respond to unforeseen accidents or events that occur to goods while in transit. In no event shall ECS be liable or responsible for loss of or damage to packaging materials including: crates, cartons, or other types of packaging materials.


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