Our staff understands the importance of the strategy that is required to communicate both your message and theme. Our goal is to always provide the most innovative tactics as a means to extend your brand throughout your environment. We accomplish this by researching the latest in trends and technology.

We offer a full line of large format print materials and substrates to accommodate your displays graphic requirements, in addition to interactive technology and content development for Plasma/LCD media.

ELITeXPO offers a full line of graphic imaging solutions for your exhibit/event and visual merchandising needs. Available print solutions include;

Lambda Process - The Lambda process is considered by most in the industry to be the premier method of imaging available to date. This process is a photographic application and produces a continuous tone image, the best reproduction today’s print technology can afford. Print substrates include C-Print, Duraflex, Duratrans and Metallic.

Direct To Substrate - This process allows you to print directly on to various black, clear or white substrates. Substrates include;

Sintra-½”, ¼” or 1/8”

Ultra Board- 3/16” & ½”

Styrene- .020 Styrene & .040

Outdoor Saturn - This 12 oz material is our recommendations for any outdoor tradeshow/ event / presentation that has potential to come into contact with the outdoor elements. We will even guarantee the material for 6 months under normal conditions.

Controltac Re-positionable - Want to ‘wrap that exhibit’ or ‘trick out that car or truck ‘ at your event? This material will afford you ease of application on those odd shaped products. Installation services are also available if you are one of those folks that cringe at the thought of wallpaper projects at home!

Die Cut Graphics - With ELITeXPO, it doesn’t have to be a rectangular vertical or horizontal graphic. When designing your booth or event and you are looking for that creative header, overhead sign or wing panels this rigid substrate accepts any curve or twist you can come up with.

GreenCore /Eco-Systems - For Green alternatives, this is a suitable substitute for Sintra. This substrate is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified wood, flax and linseed oil, and ferrous oxide (iron).

Paradise /Eco-Systems - Another Green product offered is this printable fabric that is comprised of 100-percent recycled soda bottles.

Dry Erase Laminate - Dry Erase Laminate is a clear 2mil pressure sensitive laminate that gives the ability to add a dry erase board feature to Print-on-it or Lambda graphics. To make your next indoor substrate or laminate display interactive use the Dry Erase Laminate feature.

Can’t find what you are looking for in the above applications? Call us, we will find a print solution that will accommodate your needs!



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