Experienced Marketing Professional

Tom has been our account manager at EliteXPO for almost six year’s now. He is dedicated to going above and beyond for his clients, and always does so with a positive attitude! I would recommend Tom for any tradeshow initiative you may have that involves shipment or the production of exhibit materials.


Events Coordinator

ELITeXPO are industry leaders in cargo for trade shows! All of their account representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. Using ELITeXPO has reduced stress and hassle continuously for our team while we travel. We have never used a better service. Thank you ELITeXPO!


Sr. Marketing Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Brad for more years than I can count. He is always ahead of MY game when it comes to events and extremely helpful at every stage of the process. He's always quick to respond to my requests and very helpful when anything does not go as planned. He is on the ball and I know I can count on him to take care of my shipments no matter how small or complicated it may be. I love working with Brad.


Dir. of Marketing Communications

Thanks for the holiday CD gift. It’s terrific – I listened to it on my drive home after work yesterday. The gift was timely, too. I was telling Brad this morning that my daughter and I listen to a lot of Beatles and retro tunes, and we’re also amateur musicians. Just last week, we were working on “She’s Leaving Home”. I also wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate your really great team. When I came in last year, my predecessor had passed away and he had worked very independently so there were a lot of unknowns, loose ends, and moving pieces (forgive the pun). Brad, my ELITeXPO account executive, made that part of our business easy for me because he’s so good and responsive at what he does. When you take over new responsibilities, you get tempted to go with who you know and trust. I worked with other vendors in the past and a few Themis employees were asking me to talk to other people that they knew, but I had a high level of confidence in Brad almost immediately and he really came through for me a number of times this year. I also appreciate my interactions with Eunice Buckner who is also excellent. Eunice has sunshine in her voice when you talk to her. There is a competence part of it and a people part of it – Brad and Eunice have both. I wish that they worked for me…oh wait…they kind of do. I’m looking forward to working with ELITeXPO this year and for years to come. Thank you! Regards, David W. Forbes


Marketing Events Coordinator

Would you tell everyone who's been involved with my shipments this month (plus the CEO/president of ELITeXPO) that I really appreciate your support. It's been a difficult two months: new job, tough work load, personal issues, and I knew I could count on you, Rich, Sandy, and the rest of the team to help me make everything flow smoothly—and it has! Thanks, gail


Marketing Manager

Just wanted to say thank you – it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and rest of the ELITeXPO team! Our booth was by far the best at the show, and you made the shipping process very simple. Shipping is always my least favorite part of organizing an event, but this time it was the easiest part. Everything is safely back in our office now. We had a number of comments on how nice our booth was – I even had a couple of our competitors asking about it. Set up is a little more involved than our previous booth, but well worth the effort. Again, many thanks for all your help, I’ll be in touch when its time to ship to the next event!

Tammy Smith


I just wanted to let you know that we safely received our freight in the office today. I’m completely impressed with ELITeXPO! Super organized and efficient – I love the pink envelopes and labels. I look forward to working with you on our next show HR Tech in Chicago. Thanks again for a job well done!


Director of Marketing

Tom has managed the shipping of my trade show booth for many years. He's reliable, helpful and easy to work with. He takes one aspect of my responsibilities and handles them so efficiently that I never need to worry about things being done right. I'm glad to have him as a part of the team that I rely on to keep our busy show schedule running smoothly.


Marketing Specialist

Working with Brad over the last 10+ years has been a joy. He definitely gives ELITEeXPO a good name – always working proactively, anticipating any issues that may come up and ultimately making my job easier for me! I know I can rely on him to get our shipments where they need to be, on time, every time. I’ve recommended his services to many and I will continue to do so!


Marketing Programs Manager

This experience was an extremely positive one for me. ELITeXPO definitely made it easy to place an order and have it delivered with a short turnaround. The idea of using carpeting with a white inlay really made the raffle prize car pop on the show floor. The ideas were outstanding and everything pulled together exceptionally well on the show floor. As always, thank you for all the hard work. Jenn


Recruiting and Operations Manager

Great recommendation on the booth. Nice quality frame and magnets. I now know that all booths are not created equally and will never go anywhere else for a booth. Have a great weekend, Beth


Events Manager

ELITeXPO has done a very thorough and professional job managing our booth for tradeshows. Jan is an excellent communicator and has an amazing ability to juggle many different projects at the same time. She will continuously update me on the status of our projects (and they are always running on time!) and make me feel like she has everything under control. It has been a pleasure working with Jan at ELITeXPO!


Marketing Manager

We have always been more than satisfied with the excellent service that ELITeXPO provides us for our trade show logistic needs. Jan Adolphs has been the best in taking care of us and making sure all of our shipments arrive and return on time. She certainly makes our lives easier and running our trade shows much smoother!


Event Marketing Manager

ELITeXPO’s reliability make our jobs at Vignette easier. We never have to worry about our booth and supplies arriving when and where expected. Rich Ryczek, our account executive, is always able to address last minute changes or challenging shipping schedules. His positive attitude is a definite bonus.


Conference Management

I have been utilizing ELITeXPO’s services for my tradeshow needs for a few years now, and have continually been impressed with the quality of both the staff and services provided. My shipments are taken care of on time and without any issues whatsoever. Even when we need last minute shipments arranged – they get it done, every time. Lara takes brilliant care of us, always ensuring that we have everything we need. I would certainly recommend ELITeXPO to anyone without any reservations!


Director of Meetings & Conferences

We have had the pleasure of working with Bagtastic on our bag fulfillment process for the last two years. Without a doubt, they have nailed this procedure down to every single detail - we have anywhere from 20-25 inserts that go into 5,500+ registration bags each year. Bagtastic delivers timely, impeccable service without a hitch. I highly recommend them.