ELITeXPO has handled the storage of exhibit goods for both Exhibitor and Show Management companies. We can handle the storage of booth materials packed in cases and crates, giveaways packed in cartons, as well as carpets and padding in carpet bags. We can pull and ship single pieces of your booth or your entire booth, whichever you require. Complete & partial booth pull, setup and preparation is available.



On-Line Event & Exhibit Inventory Management

Clients who choose to warehouse their exhibit materials at the ELITeXPO South Elgin, IL facility now have the ability to purchase access to our on-line event & exhibit inventory management system. This system allows you to organize all of your events. It includes areas for a calendar of events with show information, staff scheduling, event budgeting, resource tracking, exhibit inventory ordering and event ROI reporting. We even catalogue, describe and photograph every item you have in the warehouse for on-line access at any time.

Racked & Floor Storage

We have the ability to keep your shipment in a racked location or stored on the floor if the properties are crated or over-sized.

*Signed storage contracts are required as per Illinois Commerce Commission warehousing regulations.

Inventory / Pull and Prep Services

We have been handling the special requirements of trade show exhibitors for years. We can store all exhibit properties from the exhibit itself to giveaways, graphics, banner stands, etc. We will pull and prep these items to your specifications per show.

Cycle Counts

We can provide cycle counts upon request including weights as per our certified warehouse scale. Pictures can also be sent to you via e-mail.


As part of our Property Management services offerings, ELITeXPO can maintain all of your booth properties for show ready condition. These services include booth hardware upgrades and repair, graphic production, carpet, and A/V. We can also provide new packaging for your exhibits when needed. We offer a full line of shipping cases and custom-build crates.

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