The latest entry into our interactive product offerings is our in-booth WiFi System offering 4G Broadband Internet Access within your exhibit space.

Ultra Compact Case is only 18.20” L, 6.30”W, 6.70”H. Military grade, light weight; waterproof , FAA carry on approved, with convenient handle and easy open latches.

- Guaranteed High Speed Wi-Fi Verizon 4G Broadband Coverage at your Trade Show Internet Speeds up to 35 Mbps down/9 Mbps up

- Works with iPads, Kiosks, Laptops, Smart Phones, Printers, and Other Devices

- Secure Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Allows Over 25 Users At The Same Time

- Video Streaming, VoIP, and High Bandwidth

- New 5 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11a) With Lower Risk of Wi-Fi Interference

- (2) Phantom Mag Mount Antennas, Provisioning, and Pro Support

- Unlimited Usage with No Data Overage Charges