The XPOVid - Video Analytics System™ provides Exhibitors with factual and visual data to address your Show Return on Investment.

Highlights are:

- Counts of actual attendee traffic passing around the exhibit from a variety of directions.

- Counts of attendees that enter the exhibit and into pre-designated zones that the exhibitor wishes to measure.

- Demographic data, booth zone activity and daily show analytics reports broken down into hourly increments.

- Visual still photos of interested attendees that visit longer than a pre-determined amount of time.

- Live Streaming HD Video in-booth video accessible from PC/MAC/iPhone/iPad/Android devices connecting through TCP/IP connections.

- Monitor High value property after show hours with Live recorded video security. Unauthorized access initiates both visual and audible         alerts.

- Live in booth video for booth staff training purposes.

- Live booth video digital archive back up for your entire event reviewable with desktop software.

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XPOVid Event Analytics System




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